Moving home is stressful enough, but can be much worse when children are involved! The stress can be eased by thinking ahead and putting plans in place.

Before the Move

Talk to the whole family. Explain what will happen in language everyone understands and talk about the adventure you will all have and how wonderful the new place will be. Allay any fears. If you can, visit the new house or at least show photographs.

Don’t try and do everything yourself! Accept offers of help and delegate. Moving is a great chance to have a thorough clean out, so don’t just blindly pack everything. Again, organisation makes a big difference. Create a box of things to sell, a box for things to donate to charity, and one to throw out. If you haven’t used something for twelve months or more, put it into one of those boxes. Get the children involved by asking them to draw on the boxes what’s inside.

If your children are very young, consider getting a relative or babysitter to keep them occupied during the packing, or do as much as you can when they’re asleep. Pack room by room and label the boxes clearly to make things easier at the other end.

Moving Day

Keeping essentials like the kettle, mugs and teabags handy for moving day is a great tips when it comes to moving. Take a picnic with you for during the day, and if you’re really organised, take a casserole to heat for an evening meal, or delegate that to someone else.

Have children pack a small bag of their ‘essentials’ that are easy to reach and contain things to keep them occupied, then unpack their rooms first so they can get to work organising it how they want it while you work on other rooms.

It might be stressful, but try to stay calm and remember – it’s a new chapter in everyone’s lives!